24hr Comp: Shakespere

Since 2014, ideasforward have been hosting 24 hour design competitions for architectural types around the world. In April, we joined in the 11th edition: Shakespeare.

24 hours is all you get. The brief is issued at 1200 on Saturday and entries must be in before 1200 Sunday. For the 11th edition the theme was Shakespeare; we were asked to design a mobile theatre. Five of us gathered in the office to build models, sketch, trace, argue share design ideas, and even write a sonnet in iambic pentameter.


Our response to the brief was that of a travelling circus, unfurling in the night to reveal a frame from which the acrobats dance, like puppets on a string.

Like the Pied Piper of old, Titania guides those lost in the mundane ubanities, casting their gaze further afield. For when the moon reaches it’s height, puppets spring to life, theatre is born.

Lots of coffee, a quick break for a Fleetwood Bac gig, and 15 hours later we submitted our A1 sheet. Then we wait. The contrast between a mad rush of adrenaline and creativity, followed by 20 days waiting for the results was excruciating, but worth it. We received an honorable mention. You can see all the results here, and our submission below. ID000170

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