BRICK Workshop

Yesterday, BRICK met at the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham for another Workshop.

Building Resources, Innovation and Community Knowledge or BRICK is part of the Prince’s Regeneration Trust that focuses on national training and mentoring individuals and community groups to carry out their own heritage regeneration projects. Lead by Biljana Savic from BRICK, guests from around the country met to hear from architects and council members, among others, about past projects and to get some advice. We heard about Nottingham City Council’s Heritage Strategy, which sounds really exciting and should serve well as an inspiration for others. I’m looking forward to getting down into the caves! We also heard tips on getting the community involved in the design of a building [more to follow]. A walking tour of the city, lead by Nottingham City Council’s Heritage and Urban Design Manager, and workshops lead by one of Purcell Partners were among the day’s agenda. Overall, a great success.

BRICK is an absolutely fantastic resource for those interested in their own regeneration project. Check out their website [here]12592209_10154013042558755_4377596015513891006_n






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