Radford Mill Performing Arts Centre – Preliminary Renders

Once you’ve done your site analysis, you’ll need to work out what goes where? Here are some preliminary themes and renders of my key rooms.

The building is currently unused and the Radford Neighbourhood Base Plan has identified it at a Priority Site. I’ve decided to [push my knowledge to the very extreme and] convert it to a performing arts centre, with flexible auditorium, gallery and small performance spaces.


The theme for the building is to create a contrast to its standard proportions and disorientate the user. The North wall will be removed and replaced by a curtain wall. This huge façade, and some oversized steps leading up to is (think: convex amphitheatre seating), should make the user feel small, and tell them that something big is about to happen. Currently we have a full height stained-glass style door is show, however I have since thought that a thick, black support frame for the curtain wall with handing lights could be made to look like you’re walking onto a stage(something like this – it’s still working progress). The disorientation will also be enforced by the misalignment of the floors and windows after the top three floors are removed and replaced with four. Other details, such as moving walls in the gallery and a full height and width fly tower will all add to the effect.

Below are some of the renders I submitted for my presentation, and the final Board PDFs are at the end. (Revit renders with Photoshop touches)


Proposed Axonometric view © Helen Beresford


North Elevation © Helen Beresford

Thrust - Balet (1)

Main Auditorium in Thrust Configuration © Helen Beresford

Proscenium - Play

Main Auditorium in Proscenium configuration © Helen Beresford


Downstage small performance space © Helen Beresford


Exhibition space on ground level © Helen Beresford

Boards: Stage 2 – Journey FIN   Stage 2 – Technology FIN

See my pintrest board here for all my design project inspiration


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