Revit ‘Refresher’

Fortunately, I was able to use Revit on my placement. Not everyone on my course did, so as a welcome back we did a ‘refresher’ to make sure everyone’s up to speed.

The brief: Turn some 2D drawings of a small family house into a comprehensive 3D model, with visualisations and energy assessment.

The program: Revit is a BIM (building information model, or management – depending on your persuasion) compatible building design software built on a seemingly endless maze of interlinking ‘parameters’. Not only do you draw the building components and materials, but these can be assigned data such as height and materials as well as thermal and fire resistance values. Whilst using it on a daily basis on my placement I discovered it’s a real Pandora’s box – each piece of information can be changed, and linked endlessly. I once read a meme that said “Want to hang out after Revit? What is ‘After Revit’?” and as much as I enjoy it, I’d say that’s spot on.

The Overview: in 5 drawings

Helen Beresford - Revit Refresher_Page_16 Helen Beresford - Revit Refresher_Page_08 Helen Beresford - Revit Refresher_Page_04 Helen Beresford - Revit Refresher_Page_13 Helen Beresford - Revit Refresher_Page_17 Helen Beresford - Revit Refresher_Page_15


The renders:

2014-11-27_Revit_Refresher_(2).rvt_2014-Nov-27_07-55-04PM-000_3D_View_-_North_Perspective Slice - Section 2014-11-27_Revit_Refresher.rvt_2014-Nov-27_03-32-23PM-000_3D_View_-_Living_area 2014-11-27_Revit_Refresher.rvt_2014-Nov-27_03-34-40PM-000_3D_View_1

The meme:



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