Photodiary – Antwerp

A quick photo-diary from my fantastic trip in September to attend the University of Antwerp’s City Development Course

IMAG4957 IMAG4977 IMAG4979 IMAG4981 IMAG4999 IMAG5012 IMAG5138 IMAG5264 IMAG5275 IMAG5279 IMAG5324 IMAG5344 IMAG5349

IMAG5459Antwerp from the air ⌂ Tin-Tin’s artist graffiti ⌂ Meir ⌂ Velo ⌂ Antwerpen Centraal Station from the square ⌂ Antwerpen Centraal Station ⌂ Hippos! ⌂ Square from the cathedral ⌂ Square by Town Hall ⌂ Town Hall ⌂ MAS ⌂ View from MAS ⌂ MAS roof detail ⌂ Myself with some of the Italian and Croatian students

I’m back in Nottingham for my final year and the work load is crazy. I’d like to post more, but I can only promise short and sweet posts!


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