Amsterdam with Forbo

Last month Forbo flooring took us to Amsterdam to see their Marmoleum factory.

Forbo flooring were generous enough to take myself and my colleague Ben to Amsterdam, along with about 15 architects from around the country, for a great long weekend.

Thursday; Arrival. We flew out and met the others at Schiphol, the airport itself was huge – more like a shopping mall! After a welcome drink we went to the delicious Restaurant Pasta E Basta, where the waiters entertain by singing beautiful tunes as they serve you a variety of sharing platters.

Friday; Factory tours. We travelled to the Forbo factories in Assendelft where we saw how their Marmoleum is made. The efficiency within the factory was very impressive, and it was amazing to see the sheer quantity they could produce. Later we got to see their Forbo Coral entrance matting – did you know 6m of Forbo entrance matting can remove 96% of the dirt off your shoes, and when a popular British DIY store included this in every one of their stores their insurance went down £300,000 p/a. I was unable to take photos, but they do regular tours for the public and it’s definitely an impressive place to visit.

Saturday; The canal cruise. The rain finally stopped just long enough for our Rederji Lovers cruise along the stunning canals of Amsterdam –  a fantastic way to see the city and I absolutely recommend, especially if your trip is a short one. That evening we ate at Restaurant  De Goudfazant, a fantastically hipster restaurant.

Sunday; Museums. On our last day, Ben and I explored some new housing developments North West of the city, and then travelled down to the museums. Due to the rain, the queues for the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh were exceptionally long, but that only means I’ll have to come back another time, and that’s not so bad at all.
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A huge thanks to Forbo and everyone that went for a very fun and interesting few days!


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