Wowhaus – South Hill Park

NB: Aparently my Uncle lives in the neigbouring flat?  I’ll return with conformation..

I can’t get enough of the 50’s. I fully intend to write a ‘top 5’ post of the houses listed by Wowhaus but as a fervent fan of the old and original narrowing it down is proving to be near impossible. However, this 1950s Bill Howell and Stan Amis-designed modernist property appealed to my shameless love of vast glazing, natural light wood and a quirky little kitchen, so you can have this as a one off. I am particularly wary of the “big smoke”, but the overcrowding and overpricing and increased crime rate (I could go on) would be toerable if this slice of 1950’s heaven was waiting for me. A double height living area with full height windows overlooking the Hamstead ponds could be enough to convince you that you were in narnia. Inside, the half landing staircase is also framed by glazing; Stairs really ought to be designed with due care and detail because they make or break a living area, and can be really beautiful (insert link to the stair inspiration post that is sat on my laptop waiting to be published). The eclectic furniture here is also a big seller for me – comfortable and colourful.

2 DSC_1982_3 DSC_1962_3_Edit DSC_1940 #DSC_1897

More information on the house (currently on the market for £3,000,000 ) at the Modern House website, and whether you’re in the market or just looking for some delight and inspiration you really ought to check out the Wowhaus site too.

Speaking of posts sat on laptops, I really have written a few that I do intend to post (reviews/photo-diaries/general nonsense), just let me spellcheck them one more time…


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