My Top 5 by AHMM

Most good artists, whether they be musicians, architects or otherwise, can be recognised by their work. We all have favourite architectural styles, buildings and firms, each perfected and influenced by an unquantifiable amount of aspects. I’ve decided to write about a few, and show you my favourite examples of their work. At 16 I did a little bit of work experience with my cousin at Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, a superb firm in London with an extensive portfolio spanning from residential to infrastructure, everything in between and the odd Dolls House. It’s joked that AHMM only build green and yellow buildings, and with examples like Westminster Academy at the Naim Dangoor Centre it’s fair to say it’s a combination they enjoy. With a very long list of awards, it’s a feature that is clearly working, and below are my favourite five buildings, each with features that appeal to me. Battleship Building I’m always a sucker for a renovation; this stylish example is the fruits of careful cleaning and repairing of the mosaic cladding and a ‘reworking’ of the interior which has given the old British Rail maintenance depot a new lease of life. Read more Barking Central This multi-award-winning residential wonder was being built when I was doing my work experience there, and I was lucky enough to go and visit it at that time. The beautiful balconies are a reflection of the leaves changing colours through the seasons. Read more Sweeps It’s buildings like these that really inspire me, both to loving rejuvenate and maintain, and to be successful enough to afford. Read more Adelaide Warf Adelaide Warf was my main inspiration for my second year project (final ‘renderings’ here). I really like AHMM’s take on balconies; the colours, materials and textures compliment each other making the façades interesting and playful. Read more Horseferry HouseSimple, elegant, sharp and classic, this 1930’s building has been reinvented with an understated style, which works well behind the bold façade. Read more The ‘read more’ link directs you to the project page where there is more information, including project descriptions, some drawings and more information.


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