Cladding: Nottingham Contemporary


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Oh Nottingham, my love,  how I miss you so.

Cambridge is very beautiful and entertaining, but Nottingham is the city I landed in when I first flew the nest and that is a bond that no amount of punting can break.

Also, the Nottingham Contemporary is the only building I’ve ever seen clad in lace. I say lace, it’s really concrete embossed to look like our fair cities traditional lace, but that is far more impressive. The 2004 structure is the work of Caruso St John Architects, and was inspired by the connection between 1960’s downtown New York and the cast iron within it. A beautiful link between the city and it’s art.

“Our Lace
The building is clad with panels embossed with a giant lace pattern, some up to 11 metres high. Nottingham Contemporary’s lace depicts cherry blossom. The design was in a book of lace samples, placed in a time capsule by an unknown Victorian in 1847, and buried underneath the Nottingham Corporation Water Works where the main Marks & Spencers now stands. The lace came from the factory of Richard Birkin, one of the largest and most innovative lace producers. Birkin himself was three times Lord Mayor of Nottingham.” – Nottingham Contemporary


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