Review: Worst New Building

agh.. my eyes


Photographs by John Gollings

The winner of Worst New Build is the Swanston Academic Building, part of RMIT University , in Melbourne designed by Lyons (see here). It’s award winning features include a garish, angular cladding, jagged interiors, an aggressive and migraine inducing colour scheme, an overpowering impact on the surrounding buildings, and an architect who thought it was a good idea..

Lyons used a pixellated image of the surrounding buildings to create a map of colour across the exterior. “The building derives its identity from its surroundings,” Lyons told Dezeen. “It’s a chameleon and a mirror.”‘ – Dezeen

However, the building has been given great reviews by others, so perhaps I’m the only one that feels this way. Below is an interesting digital walk through so you can make up your own mind.


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