An Architectural Technology Placement Students Bag

Not the most eloquent title, but inspired by the fantastic Life of an Architect and his Bags series.

Architectural Technology Placement Student

Cambridge, UK


  1. Diary
  2. Architect’s Pocket Book. I’m still trying to work out why this is such an important book, but I’ve been told its very important so I’m keeping it close.
  3. Martha Stewart Journal. For writing down all the things I learn in my placement year.. I’m going to need a few of these.
  4. Gel Reusable Hand Warmer. Our office is chilllllllly
  5. Calculator
  6. Dinner Money
  7. Deodorant. Anyone who plans on succeeding should be prepared to break a sweat. If there’s anything to be learnt from Big Daddy, it’s  not to be the smelly kid in class.
  8. 3m Tape Measure. For both measuring the existing, and picturing the size of whatever it is that I’m drawing. Our My mind’s ruler is awful
  9. Notepad. My memory is even worse than my mind’s ruler.
  10. Pencil Case. Shaped like a whale and more than slightly abused, but my grandmother gave me this when I was a child and I’ll keep it until it falls apart
  11. Earphones. I find that those countless hours spent drawing doors on AutoCAD are much more enjoyable with Lauren Laverne
  12. Rulers. Scale, so you can cheat and measure off other people’s drawings. Cutting Ruler – Safety first

The bag itself was given to me by one of my dearest friends for my 21st birthday – Thanks Jess, I use it everyday.

The above things have become necessities for me to function as a grown up and a studying/working AT. Shameful I know, and slightly contradictory as my owl hand warmer and whale pencil case sneak a little childishness in there, but it works well for me. I’ve left out my keys and phone for no reason other than my keys were on the other side of the room (and not interesting enough to merit the effort of getting) and yesterday I smashed my iPhone (waaa).


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