I’m 2 months into my placement year in Cambridge and I’m having a ball! I’m happy to report that the work is very challenging and I am truly being put through my paces, but its completely worth it. They really weren’t joking when they said working is completely different to studying, and my First seems almost useless. That said, everyone in the office is amazingly helpful and understanding, and the company treats us all very well.. I’m very happy here.

Beyond work, I’ve been exploring all Cambridge has to offer;

The Cambridge film festival // Fitzwilliam museum //Jamie Oliver’s special sage & parma ham steak that still has my boyfriend raving, and Bill’s Brunches are a deliciously guilty pleasure // markets all around the city, I’ve already picked out all the presents I’ll be giving this Christmas, one from almost every stall // Buskers of a very high standard – today I saw a group playing violins, spanish guitars and a bass beautifully // Plenty of good bars and clubs, all decorated with a lot of enthusiasm // beautiful parks // the river! // lots of charity shops (perfect for poor little me) including a Salvation Army store that I’m going to include on all my guided tours // Beautiful architecture, a church on every street corner // and limitless inspiration, everywhere!

Of course there are countless other things that I’ve forgotten to mention and no doubt more that I haven’t even discovered yet! Come and visit!


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