Cam & Cow

When I haven’t been driving the width of the country every other weekend for the birthday’s of my nearest and dearest, this is how I’ve been spending my time in Cambridge. I’ve included some links incase anything inspires you..


  1. Fab’s at work to make up for a lack of aircon
  2. Tennis players on Jesus Green
  3. The locals on Midsummer Common
  4. A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Homerton College Gardens with work
  5. Jamie’s Italian (yes those are real hanging meats)
  6. Elderflower Aperitif at Bills
  7. The office golf competition
  8. The Origin of the Afro Comb at the Fitzwilliam
  9. Romsey Art Festival 
  10. Good Time Girl at Lola Lo’s
  11. Health and safety in the office
  12. My new bike!!
  13. Work soiree at the newly completed McGrath Centre at St. Catherine’s College
  14. My fabulous Dickies after a long day on site

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