It’s been almost a month since my last post, but that isn’t to say that there’s been nothing to write about. The article I wrote on BIM was published in Issue 1 of CIAT’s student magazine AspirATion (and on a double page spread I might add) that can be read here (page 18-19).

As if reading that wasn’t enough to make it a good day, I also received an email offering me a placement in Cambridge with RH Partnership Architects. Despite applying for many placements each with their own merit and experience, upon reading that email I knew that this opportunity would be the most challenging, most interesting, and most educational for me and my growth within Architectural Technology. I am very much looking forward to starting work there, and spending a year in the city of perspiring dreams. If anyone knows anything of Cambridge – quirky bars, a badminton club, friends..? – please let me know!

In addition to this, the looming exams and deadlines of final term (as well as the fear that came with meeting my boyfriend’s parents) have put me under quite a lot of pressure, but tonight I’ve taken a break from Revit and JCT SBC/Q and have been watching documentaries and interviews with some of my favourite people and places. This ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ with Hugh Laurie (another Cambridge go-er) is without a doubt my favourite for his honest and humour. I hope you enjoy it.


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