Inspiraion: Luxury Complex

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2013-04-02 15.01.03

The turnover for these huge projects has been unbelievable. I haven’t worked so hard for so long since the week before my A levels! Thursday marks the official start of our new project; a five storey luxury residential building with a cast in situ reinforced concrete structure. The ground floor is to  include a leisure department with gym, CV suit, cafe, salon and creche, and the five floors above will have 4 private flats each. The brief is tight, the frame and layout has been set, our job is to produce the technical drawings from foundation to finishes. However, we do have a bit of creative license in the cladding and finish of the build and sooo I’ve taken full advantage of this – abused it even – and have started looking for inspiration from new builds, old mills and Louis Kahn.


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