2013-04-02 15.40.49During the Easter break my mother and I decided to go to London for a culture re-charge. One of the places we went was the V&A, as I kept reading its name but had never been before. Although the entrance to the building was enchanting, strolling past hundreds of spoons in the Silver section is not my kind of fun. However, we soon found the Architecture department and I became like a kid in a candy store. The models were beautiful and there was even some photographs of Barking Central (while working at AHMM I was allowed to climb the building when it was just a concrete frame) but the part that had me in awe were the drawings. Mies Van Der Rohe, Christopher Wren, Inigo Jones, Sir James Stirling, Frank Lloyd Wright.. each draw revealed another original drawing by these fantastic and famous architects, many of whom sculpted English Architecture. As you can imagine, it wasn’t long before my mother had slipped away to avoid anymore lectures from me, but she really ought to understand how special they are! The only things missing were the Andrea Palladio, so next on my To Do list is find out where that exhibition is, and go.

2013-04-02 15.01.03 2013-04-02 14.33.28 2013-04-02 14.29.21 2013-04-02 14.32.41 2013-04-02 14.16.45 2013-04-02 15.01.21 2013-04-02 15.36.07


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