Czech Mate

I have never wanted to live anywhere so desperately before.. and this Mill turned Exhibition space by Czech architecture studio Atelier Hoffman is not exactly habitable! This stunning conversion in Prague calls to my strongest passions for abandoned buildings with brick walls, solid interiors and huge windows. Dezeen_Coal-Mill-by-Atelier-Hoffman_ss_5 Dezeen_Coal-Mill-by-Atelier-Hoffman_ss_19

I look at this room and see sofas and rugs and bookshelves, softening the beautifully smooth and natural, but hard and cold surfaces. The roof lights and beams spanning across are finished so perfectly, I’m sure I could lie on a rug and watch or draw them for hours.
Dezeen_Coal-Mill-by-Atelier-Hoffman_ss_2 Dezeen_Coal-Mill-by-Atelier-Hoffman_ss_15

I’m even drawn those huge pillars dissecting the room at regular intervals that scream of solidarity and rawness, and the log fire place and glass  encased bits-and-bobs (I have zero clue about coal mining) look all the more interesting framed in such a way.

As if it wasn’t beautiful enough, imagine sitting on a couple of chairs on on that balcony and enjoy this Czech view with a cup of English Breakfast. If the poor weather here wasn’t enough incentive already, the abandoned (ready to be refurbished) architecture I’ve seen in mainland Europe has been teasing me to move there for years. All I need now is a second language.. oui?

Architects Website Here


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