Thursday to Saturday This weekend has been so lovely I couldn’t not write about it. Thursday we went to see Kilo Kish and The Internet play an intimate gig in Nottingham, so intimate that we got to have a chat with them all after the show. They played one of the best gigs I’ve been in a seriously long time! Friday was filled with taco cooking, Varsity Hockey watching and a BIG night out with friends from home at our local Rock & Roll / Mo-town bar. Blues bros > Beiber all day every day. Saturday was spent in the pub watching the final day of the rugby as Halfpenny, Biggar, Tipuric, and the rest of the team carry Wales to another GLORIOUS 6 nations victory. Despite being surrounded by less than sporting England fans, nothing beats the atmosphere of watching sports in bars, especially when you’re team is annihilating their opponents. Now it’s Sunday and I’ve spent it gluing my fingers to mdf and eating the leftover home made burgers from yesterday. Nottingham may not have been Austin this weekend but there was more than enough to entertain.


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