Portal Frame Model

C’est fini!

I don’t mind telling you that this model has taken a layer of skin off each finger in numerous super-glue accidents, but that’s a price I’m happy to pay for the extra care and flair put into this. As you may be able to see, a second trip to the laser cutter corrected the ‘top-bolt’ issue, but (in an unselfish panic to let the young girl queueing behind me use the machine) I only re-printed the end rafters. The rafters, columns, haunches etc, as well as the rear (and hidden) side rails are in 3mm MDF, the purlins, eaves and side rails are in the unattractive (but faster to print) 2mm card, the bracing is in coloured strung and the cladding is in embossed card from my local crafts shop. I figured the simple portal frame is simple and a little plain, so a bit of extra detail would make inspecting it a little less boring.. especially as it’s one of 50+ to be marked in a peer review. If I were to do it again, I’d spray paint the 2mm card before gluing it, I’d have printed the detailing on all of the rafter/column pieces and I’d not have cut up the card to made the cladding looked paneled.. but they’re all perfectionist aesthetic changes, and overall I’m very pleased with it.

2013-03-17 17.40.43 2013-03-17 17.39.482013-03-17 17.40.37 2013-03-17 17.43.532013-03-17 17.50.40Once again, Comments welcome.


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