Deadlines, High Firsts and Thank-you’s

My lack of posting can be accredited to the unholy amount of deadlines I had last week; East Bridgeford Hill AND Green’s windmill presentation, Lab reports, AutoCAD drawings of the surveyed Old Registry Office…. seemingly endless! Between the relief of completing those, and the pride of getting a HIGH FIRST in my JCT Contract Admin coursework (I’m shouting it from the roof tops) I decided to treat myself to a weekend away and multiple meals at pizza express (courtesy of mamma Beresford). Anyway, play time is over and I’m now back in the swing of it all. I’ll post some of the final pieces and presentations for your entertainment..


Also had some very exciting feedback today on the Placement front.. turns out Twitter can be used as a networking tool! Massive thanks to CIAT CEO Francesca Berriman for getting me in contact with the right people, as well as LJMU’s Spencer Lee, CIAT’s Adam Endcott and superwoman Gill Armstrong who linked me a interesting piece on twitter itself (click image for link).




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