2013-02-09 15.23.22

I’ve been in Newcastle this weekend for a friend’s 21st, and its entertaining reputation more than delivered. Met some of the most hospitable people I’ve ever met in my entire life, and had a wonderful night out. In the day we explored the Toon I was very pleasantly surprised with the architecture of the place. I had no real expectations, but I think I saw some of the most beautiful buildings and scenes I’ve ever seen by the Tyne. The Tyne bridge is also so amazing; that massive structure towering over you, skimming the roofs of the ageing buildings below. As I walked with my friend towards Quayside, he said that it seemed a lot like what he expected Manhattan to be like, and the buildings and bridges that loomed over as we walked up the street made me feel like a miniature person, as if I’d drank Alice’s potion. I was roaming around like a tourist taking so many photo’s my friends almost abandoned me, and I still feel like I need to go back and take more. One weekend was definitely not enough.

2013-02-09 15.22.56 2013-02-09 14.04.02 2013-02-09 13.54.05 2013-02-09 15.49.282013-02-09 14.01.26 2013-02-09 15.40.19 2013-02-09 15.41.27 2013-02-09 14.04.172013-02-09 15.33.03 2013-02-09 15.36.472013-02-09 13.55.56 2013-02-09 14.03.35


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