The Old Registry Office part 1

2013-01-14 11.29.59

This Tuesday we were able to go into the Old Registry Office on Shakespeare Street, Nottingham, as we’ve been commissioned by NTU carry out Measured and Condition SurveysIt’s a wonderful, Victorian, Grade II listed building with some beautiful external detailing and internal fixtures, such as fireplaces and columns. Designed in 1886 by A.H. Goodall, it was used for the registration of births, deaths and marriages. The building has been empty for a few years, with the exception of a few ‘informal settlers’, and is in poor internal condition. We’ve been asked to survey the existing building (including partitions added in a later refurbishment) and prepare designs for a refurbishment into the Vice Chancellor, and other senior management, new offices. We just used Tuesday as a chance to get to know the building, working our way around and making notes of original features, quality of interiors and hazards. Asbestos was used in construction throughout the building for its fire retardant properties, but it has since been proven to be very harmful, getting into lungs and causing fatal damage. As scary as it was, it is important that we enter (with masks on, of course) so we can assess it and eventually remove it safely. Apart from this, it’s a really beautiful building with a lot of character and potential, and I am thoroughly looking forward to going through the processes and learning the skills required for a project like this. My passion definitely lies with historic and conversational architecture, so this is right up my street! (The first photo here is of my other team members, Scott and Luke).

2013-01-22 14.25.54 2013-01-22 14.44.07 2013-01-22 14.33.55 2013-01-22 14.48.402013-01-22 14.30.13 2013-01-22 14.42.56 2013-01-22 14.39.28


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