East Bridgeford Hill – Glamping


Another meeting today, and the ball is absolutely rolling. Dave has created a great design for the school, and George is starting to contact companies near by in a search for materials. Everyone has done a lot of research and all that is left to be done is the finalisations, ready for next weeks Client Presentation to Emma from East Bridgeford Hill and Laila from Indigo Brave.

My area of responsibility is glamorous camping – GLAMPING! We’ve established with Emma that she wants to go down a route other than teepees and yurts, so I’ve been looking into entertaining, beautiful, alternatives:

Terunobu Fujimori: Beetle’s House


Designed by Terunobu Fujimori, this is definitely my favourite piece of the  ‘1:1 – architects build small spaces’ collection. Its charred pine beam exterior not only looks like that of a beetle, but also treats the wood, preserving it and extending the life of the material. It reminds me  of a cross between the ‘wendy-house’ my father made for me when I was younger, and War of the Worlds. I think we could attempt something like this on site, hidden within the trees, that would be a very intriguing a yet peaceful place to spend a weekend.

Tree Hotel – Birds Nest


Although this is probably an engineering feat above what we can achieve, I am fascinated by the Tree Hotel. If you haven’t seen the Mirrorcube you must, I can barely believe it exists myself. A hotel room suspended in the trees may not be feasible, but we have plenty of silver birch at our disposal that could be used to clad our design, similar to what has been done here in the Birds Nest.

David Connor & Mark Richards – Floating Hermitage



This may not be a hotel room or a house, but it definitely interests me.. and I’m sure we can make something similar for glampers. It’s a very cosy seeming, cocoon like, which is one of the points that Indigo Brave made clear were very important. They need their spaces to feel safe, so people are able to relax and admit to their most emotional and sensitive feelings.

These are by no means the only examples I’ve found, but they are the ones I am most inspired by. Now all I need to do is turn all of this inspiration into a successful design, and create a scale model for Thursday to present to Emma.. No pressure!


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