Site Visit: Byron & Gill St.

Today we were lucky enough to get onto the sites of two new university buildings; the Byron House student union (SU) and the Gill Street accommodation expansion. I always enjoy site visits, the chance to see a naked building – how its constructed behind all the plaster boards and tiled floors – and walking through gaps that will later become walls, never to be walked through again. Perhaps even more than that is the excitement of learning how that HUGE building is supported, especially one like Byron House, supported at one end by two tripods. I am also a huge fan of concrete, although I’m sure I shouldn’t admit to it. The Byron House is to have a lot of uncovered concrete pillars, a combination of my two favourite things. It was also very interesting to learn about the acoustic considerations that had to be made, with much of the accommodation being directly above the main bar area. The Gill Street accommodation had a familiar ring as my first year of uni was in a similar UPP flat, with the same layout and the same ‘pod’ en-suite. Despite the freezing temperature, we all enjoyed learning about the materials, techniques, and considerations that have gone into both developments and I can’t wait to return for a pint when its fully decked and full of students.

2013-01-17 11.17.20 2013-01-17 11.21.52 2013-01-17 11.36.10 2013-01-17 11.37.38 2013-01-17 11.35.25 2013-01-17 11.46.17 2013-01-17 11.35.35


Visit the Nottingham Trent University site here for more information and to see a 3d flyaround of the completed building.


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