Indigo Brave Workshop

We all had a fantastic time on Thursday as Charlie and Laila from Indigo Brave, the group we’re working with in the East Bridgeford Hill Project, came into University to work with us. They emphasise the importance of Emotional Intelligence in learning and development, as well as communication and expression. In groups of 6 we had to create still images depicting places, action and emotions, which left us all crying with laughter. We then returned to the circle, where we were each asked to name one thing we were good at and one thing we liked about ourselves, which was eye opening. As well as learning about myself, it was interesting to see how the other people I study with every day view themselves. Seeing the type of vulnerability required to make the workshop fully effective made us realise how the school we’ve been asked to build must be an emotionally safe environment. Creating a design that can translate this is the next step in our process, one that we are all excited to take.

Click below to see our process with the East Bridgeford Hill project on the Spectrum blog:


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