Music and Memory

I have always been aware of the power music has on me. Music often changes peoples mood, but I’ve found that certain songs can also remind me of specific times in my life, often times that were very difficult for me. I saw Henrys story on tv tonight, and it has really struck a chord. With my own Grandmothers’ health, both physical and mental, deteriorating, as well as the grandmothers of my closest friends, the matter of growing old has become one at the forefront of my mind. Questions of how, where and by whom I would like to be cared for when I can no longer do it myself is worrying, not to mention the horrific thought of my own parents reaching this stage. My close friend recently brought a rabbit home to where her grandmother lives, and the often quiet and disorientated woman was suddenly filled with chatter about the furry newcommer; her love of animals was rejuvenated from youth, and I have seen the same happen with my own grandmother and our family dog. After seeing this video I am relieved, and hopeful that when my father and I, both very strong music lovers, reach this confusing and troubling age that a few Led Zeppelin songs will help return our personalities, if only for a few moments.


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