St Peter’s Trip, 26 November

We were approached by SELF and Indigo Brave to build an Eco-School on a plot of land owned by East Bridgeford Hill (see our Project Blog: Spectrum).

On 29th November we went to visit the kids of St Peter’s C of E Primary School, East Bridgeford, to get some content and design ideas from them. We began the morning with a quick presentation to the whole school on the type of builds that were possible and, after a quick tea break, joined the Environmental Club to see what had inspired the children. It was no surprise that tree houses were a popular choice, but we were all amazed at the creativity and enthusiasm the children showed. The booklets we had given them soon became full of ideas of their favourite school classes, animals they wanted to raise, vegetables they wanted to grow. It seems a child’s dream school can not fit on two sides of A4. We left the school impressed and inspired and although the spaceship that led to the secret tree house with trampolines and swimming pools was a little outside our budget,  we now have some great ideas for their Eco-School.

Photos: Vince Conway, Helen Beresford


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